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for Park Board Commissioner of the City of Vancouver

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Steven Nemetz for Vancouver Park Board Commissioner

Support a candidate for Park Board Commissioner who really cares about our Parks. From making the Parks of the City of Vancouver more inclusive and accessible, to ensuring that there is consistent maintenance across all of the City’s Parks, Steven Nemetz has effective plans to serve the needs of the residents of the City of Vancouver. One of Steven's objectives is to increase Park Land/ Population Ratio in the City of Vancouver by repurposing existing property owned by the City of Vancouver to provide more Park land. He plans to issue Vancouver residents a special Vancouver Privilege Card that will grant them discounts and free parking at all Parks and Beaches. Steven proposes, that an elevated Green Botanical Parkway for pedestrians and bicyclists, through Downtown and the West End above Smithe and Robson Streets be considered for inclusion in the 25-year Vision Park Plan currently being developed for the City of Vancouver by the Park Board.

Under Steven, Parks will be more readily usable by improving the response time on applications for permits for Park use. Steven proposes hiring more Park Rangers and Wardens to be able to better enforce the existing by-laws regulating the use of our Parks and Beaches. Any barriers to Park use for those with special needs will be reviewed for improved accessibility. As a resident of Vancouver who is passionate about the City, Steven wants to give back to the beautiful City that he grew up in, and he believes that he can make a difference as an elected Park Board Commissioner for the City of Vancouver. Steven’s mission is to keep our parks Green, Clean, Usable and Accessible for all the Citizens of Vancouver, and to Grow this Dream! Steven believes this is our natural heritage to enjoy and to care for, and our Sacred Trust to protect for those that follow.

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